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- Riviera Care Group mission statement

The Riviera Care Group is four limited companies owning separate establishments, providing care &/or support to young adults with mental health problems &/or learning disabilities.

Emphasis is strongly placed on promoting independence & enhancing quality of life through intervention.

A common theme is that the group's philosophies are that people with mental health problems &/or learning disabilities reside in a centre of excellence.

To achieve this we recognise the importance of maintaining high quality care &/or support for not only the clients but their relatives & significant carers.

We additionally wish to work within an inter-professional & interagency context to achieve seamless & holistic packages of care.

We believe that everything stems from our staff and wish to be recognised as a good employer in which there are equal opportunities, progressive & recognised staff development, support and supervision, the best use of skill mix and an inclusive team & client approach.

We anticipate that we will exceed CQC standard requirements & those of the "Supportive People" Scheme;.

Our company mission statement is available via our Downloads page.

- Riviera Care Group Philosophy of Care

We aim to work with people, their families & professionals within a framework of an anti-discrimination practice and in such a way as to promote each person's individual value.

We are committed to:

Our company's philosophy of care document is available via our Downloads page.

- Riviera Care Group Statement of Purpose

The Riviera Care Group has a general Statement of purpose which is made available to any persons who wish to view the document; & it includes information about:

The companies' registered provider, its managers and the organisations structure.

There is also further information about the following:

The Riviera Care Groups' Statement of Purpose can be obtained via our Downloads page.